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3. Construction Certificate

The Construction Certificate

Now that you have your Development Consent it is time to apply for a Construction Certificate. A Construction Certificate is an approval certifying that the Development Consent complies with the Building Code of Australia, The Australian Standards and relevant Conditions of Consent (outlined on your DC). This is where you decide to use local Council to issue your Construction Certificate or use an Accredited Private Certifier. If you decide to use Illawarra Building Certifiers Pty Ltd from this point forward click here to request a quote or to download a copy of the application form.

When lodging your application form you will need to supply various documents as outlined on the CC Checklist. Usually clients will initially send in an application form and copies of their plans and Development Consent for perusal. On receiving these items, your details will be logged onto our system, a file number will be allocated and a report will be forwarded outlining any additional information you need to supply to receive your Construction Certificate. Once all of the information has been submitted to your certifier, and he/she is content that the information supplied satisfies all of the Conditions of Consent, then a certificate will be forwarded within a few days. Usually the wait time for a Construction Certificate is reliant upon how quickly the applicant can supply the necessary information.

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